Cocoon Swaddle Sacks

  • Great alternative to swaddle wraps as they are super easy to use.
  • Designed to fit newborns to maximum age of 3 months.
  • Perfect for announcement or photo props.
  • Gather the cocoon swaddle sack in your hands (like a sock) then start from the babies feet and work your way up to his or her shoulders (if swaddle is moving above babies shoulders tie a simply knot at the end of cocoon swaddle sack). 

Matching Headbands/ Top Knot Beanies (sold individually)

  • Designed to suit newborns to 3 months of age approximately.
  • Top knot beanies can be made smaller by tying knot further down the beanie.

Swaddle Wraps and Cocoon Swaddle Sacks are made to order and can take 3-4 weeks to be produced.

Remember to check that all spelling is correct, as all text will be copied exactly. Changes to an order cannot be made once confirmation has been received.

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  • $44.95
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